Is someone in your life struggling with substance abuse? If it’s not a disease you have, it may be hard to understand:

    • Why does she do it when everything else in her life seems to be going well?
    • Won’t his horrible consequences make him stop?
    • He’s going to lose his job if he keeps this up!
    • Why don’t our love and support keep her clean?

These are all great questions, but they’re actually irrelevant when someone is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It’s not a matter of “she won’t” or “he doesn’t care.” It’s a matter of “they can’t.” And when you understand why they can’t, you can start to understand how it affects your family or organization.

This series of six short YouTube videos from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) does an excellent job of explaining the basic physiology of addiction. If someone in your family, workplace, or circle of friends is suffering, these will help you understand why.

Contact us and we can help. It might help you navigate a new path to recovery.


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