The maintenance stage is self-explanatory, but how do I keep it going? It’s all about holding on to the positive change: Do I keep going to the gym? Do I stick to my healthy sleep schedule? In recovery, do I take the actions necessary to sustain my sobriety? And am working to establish sobriety as my new normal?

True recovery can be so much more than only abstaining from my drug of choice. There are some very valuable activities to help maintain and grow recovery. Participation in sober support groups is among the strongest predictors of maintaining recovery. There are lots of choices – no single type of group is right for everyone. Click this link to view resources recommended by the Partnership to End Addiction.

Other elements can also be helpful, such as therapy, physical activity, spiritual practice, meditation, and journaling for example. The idea is to find ways to cope with difficulties without using drugs or alcohol. It’s much like strengthening muscles: the more I use these tools, the more likely I am to maintain the recovery I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

When we look from the angle of family recovery, the tools are much the same. They can be used instead of the destructive actions that may have been used previously. In other words, what can I do to maintain my own sanity instead of codependency, soft boundaries and enabling?

A trained professional can help you consider and customize a plan to maintain recovery. A knowledgeable, objective resource can be a great help as someone works to maintain a productive, fulfilled life in recovery.

In recovery,