Ever heard of the Transtheoretical Model of Change? How about the Stages of Change? This model is a great way to think about what it takes for any of us to make a change in our lives. The model is usually applied to health-related changes, such as establishing a new workout routine, eating better, or getting clean and sober.

Here’s the idea: When we make a change, we progress through five different stages. They will take varying lengths of time. We may bounce back and forth among them, or never move beyond one of the stages, but they’re predictable. When someone you care about is struggling with addiction, it’s helpful to understand these stages.

Here are the Stages of Change:

  1. Precontemplation
  2. Contemplation
  3. Preparation
  4. Action
  5. Maintenance

Over the next few posts here, we’ll look at each of these stages and how they relate to addiction and recovery. When you know where your family member, friend, colleague, or employee is in these stages, you can know better how to help them.

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In Recovery,