I started Recovery Navigators because I remember the confusion, the feeling of being overwhelmed, fear, and anxiety – all mixed with great hope – when I surrendered and decided to stop my substance abuse. I had reached the point at which the pain of continuing exceeded the fear of stopping, commonly known as my bottom.

That confusion was intensified by the fact that my brain was fogged by the alcohol and other drugs I had been using for many years. How could I get answers?

  • Do I need to detox?
  • Should I go to treatment?
  • What about support groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, and many more)?
  • How will this affect my family life?
  • How about my job?
  • What about my social life?

This list could go on for pages. In the meantime, my family was navigating a parallel set of questions. They wondered all the same things, plus:

  • When is it OK to say no?
  • How do we support him without supporting the addiction?
  • Where do we find the right resources for him?
  • How do we move forward in a way that’s also healthiest for us?

I was lucky. I had someone I trusted fully who helped me get started. That’s what I want to provide to addicts, alcoholics and their families – someone who can help them sort through the countless choices to customize a path for them to sustained sobriety.

And when I use the word sobriety, I don’t mean simple abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse. I mean sobriety through all areas of life – work, family, spiritual life, physical health and even emotional sobriety.

Recovery Navigators focuses on two types of clients:

  • The alcoholic and addict who wants help in mapping a customized path to sobriety.
  • The family of a substance abuser who wants to find the best ways to help their loved one in ways that are healthy and effective for everyone involved.

Call me or contact me through the contact form if I can answer any questions about what we do.

In sobriety,

Brian MacConnell
Founder, Recovery Navigators